I don’t need anyone to hate the world with me.
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I was riding fairly fast when this was taken. I stay in the highest gear (2|5) unless forced by extreme inclines to make adjustments. For the sun to line up this well is neat. 

The auto-timer on my lil’ canon is too much fun.

Excerpts from a bike ride. 

Future condominiums

I went on a 13 mile bike ride today after work. The shell of a congregation long gone is for sale. 

A rich guy is going to gut it and convert it into condominiums. 

Yesterday in D&D

We killed a fake lich

I took his spellbook. 

This is not the spellbook, but I imagine it looking similar. 

the aftermath of K’s 22nd birthday party breakfast feast.

Golden doodles are too cute. 

My April has been wonderful.
Massachusetts is gorgeous

Reasons to date me

You shouldn’t

Forever reblog

Pussy and Thor beer on a picnic table

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